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Back in Black

The Black Series

I took a break from writing blogs. I know, it is not advisable to show any form of inconsistency as it can appear as unprofessional or unreliable. In order to be professional, I needed a break to review and to revise. Not my artwork! With that I have an on-going dialogue that is part of my development as an artist. The way that I present my artwork needed to be updated and changed. My website is changing. My blogs are changing. My strategy is changing. Once a week, I will try to describe “the-behind-the-scenes”. My thought process, my inner dialogue, my choices, be it the type of color or format or just random ideas caught on paper.

This week and for the next following 2 weeks, I will share from my Black Series.

I went back to being a full-time artist with the Corona virus lockdowns. The quiet that came with the lockdowns enabled me to hear my inner voice that was suppressed. The lockdowns were a blessing in disguise for me. An exit and an entrance.

The Black Series was not my first series as a reemerging artist. It is though, the first series on canvas. I did paint a few canvases prior to this series, but they were quite unripe. I wanted to tell a story, share fragments of memories and fleeting thoughts. Those first canvases were too planned leaving no room for improvisation that is so vital for the dialogue and creative process.

Life – Acrylic on Canvas, 70x50cm, 2020

Life” is the first painting that I wish to share with you. In general, when I start a drawing/painting, I start by writing a word and then improvise with free association till I come up with a composition that I am pleased with. The story of this painting is made from fragments of memories and places along with surreal images. The sea, is a reoccurring theme in my works. The sea theme appeared earlier on in my works on paper. This is the first time the sea theme is on canvas. Another part of the work is the tree lined road that is actually a back road in my area. I love the way the head lights at night reflect upon the leaves in passing. I have no idea why I was drawn to the black background, but it was compelling as I did quite a few works with this background. Perhaps my mood?

All the works on this blog are Printable and for sale. They are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art and almost any subject related, so feel free to DM to converse and purchase my art, making it yours.

You can follow my process and progress on:


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