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Starting From Line and Word

Doodling is a favorite pastime for bored students and long phone conversations. It’s a form of automatic drawing that the surrealist spoke about. Without paying much attention to what we are doing, from our sub-conscious, forms and shapes fill up space on a corner of a page. Given enough time the entire page will be covered with these intricate drawings. Some could be a word, a series of lines, colored spaces and dream-like figures. At the end of the lecture or phone conversation, we will glance at what we did, trying to figure out what we did, smiling, often throwing it away sooner or later, not giving it much importance. The action of doodling has a calming effect, allowing us to listen quietly and undisturbed.

I find that this art form is a wonderful way to over ride our logical minds. Allowing us to reframe and make dialogue with our inner selves. If we take theses doodles seriously, we can actually read into our drawings, free associating with the various shapes and forms, giving time and room to see what they remind us of and from there to continue to an involved painting.

Doodling = Intuition.

Doodling is a tangible form of intuition.

“Aqua” – Ink and Watercolor on Cotton Paper , A-4 @Barbara Adler Art 2020

In my artwork, I often start with a word, written somewhere on the sketch, small or big, drawn out or tight, according to mood. A written word is actually a twisted and curved line. I then will randomly draw lines from that given word. I will continue by free association, what shapes that occurred remind me of. I will then bring forward or pronounce objects. By this stage, often the original word fades or disperses into the background with no recognition of the original starting point. As all artist, I have certain forms and textures that repeat themselves in my works. This is my special language. These are the elements that make up my story, my visual poem. Revealing all and showing none. Allowing further interpretation by the observer, by the viewer and in such allowing the artwork an independent life of its own totally free of the artist original intent.

Gambling On My Life 2” Acrylic on Canvas board 20/30cm @Barbara Adler Art 2020

Everybody needs art. There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires and tastes. Take a break, reflect and delve into some of my art, to my stories.

All the works on this blog are for sale and are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art, so feel free to DM/contact me regarding my art and possibly making it yours.

See more of my art, perhaps find a suitable workshop and read more of my blogs on my website:

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