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LESSONS FROM COVID-19. Lesson #1: Perception is choice.


Saturday mid-September 2019 somewhere in Andalusia, Spain. A thought flashed through my mind: How would you like to remember the world if the world was to end tomorrow? Wouldn’t this be the best “End-of-the-world” party ever?

We were on this amazing veranda overlooking lush grape vines and flowing hills covered in orderly olive trees. Cool live jazz playing. Women in evening gowns and men in tuxedoes, though, it was only mid-day. Cool Sangria and Champagne in hand. Waiters with exotic tapas on silver trays whishing silently among the guests.

Digital illustration – Barbara Adler ©2021

March 2020

Covid- 19

First and most frightening lockdown.

Digital illustration of empty roads – Barbara Adler ©2021

The dark unknown arose from the depths. The fear that this may be the end of humanity and of the unknown. Devastating to life, wellbeing and economy.

I was made redundant.

Well, I could freak-out, rage and tear on the few zoom meetings that we had somewhere in May.

Actually, I felt calm. Like I never felt before. I WAS worried.

I lost all fear.

The Hubby was working on the computer in another room. The kids were on zoom. Outside and inside, the house was quiet.

I withdrew into myself, went back to my childhood safe-place. I picked up simple brown construction paper, colored pencils and an ink pen, sat down in a corner on the sofa and began to draw an autobiography in scroll form. Just me, my paper and pencils and the napping dogs on the sofa.

“Scroll” 15/70cm – pencils and ink on construction paper - Barbara Adler ©2021

I drew for days. Finished one drawing, went straight on to the next. I couldn’t stop. I graduated from the sofa to a corner in the living room. Turning it into an artist’s studio. I began experimenting with watercolors, acrylic markers, acrylic paints on canvas. The size of the canvas grew as well.

“Anime-stalgia” 15/70cm – pencils and ink on construction paper - Barbara Adler ©2021

“Chariot” 40/30cm – Acrylic on Canvas – Barbara Adler ©2021

Lesson#1: Perception is choice

Life is how we take it. A positive outlook always helps. If necessary, take a step back. We work hard and play hard. Listen to the inner voice that needs to be heard. It’s time for visual stories.


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