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LESSONS FROM COVID-19. Lesson #3: Peacefulness


The world was spinning too fast. A Merry-go-round out of control. Frightening. I couldn’t catch my breath. The world wasn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Digital Illustration of merry-go-round – All rights reserved to Barbara Adler

Covid definitely slammed the brake pedal to the metal. I was very happy to be at home. It didn’t seem to bother me that the world literally came to a standstill. I loved being able to see afar smog free, sniffing clean air. I loved waking up to the sound of birds and not traffic. We live in a small community surrounded by nature. We took endless walks with the dogs into the wild away from the madness.

“Arc de Triumph” -Digital painting - all rights reserved to Barbara Adler

We ate healthy on schedule. We minimized the news and watched only on a need-to-know basis. Those of us that had to work from home did so. As my job had no need for me, I found that I had time to pick up the colors and begin to draw. I also had the inner peace to create. There were no distractions. No need to be out the door, stressing already at 06:45 about arriving in time at work, traffic jams, staff meetings, upset students and what-to-do in class. I didn’t have to remember my own family’s schedules as they all were at home. I am and was aware that not everybody was as happy as me about the situation. Within my own family there was growing frustration about not being able to meet friends and other family members, of not being free to come and go. The funny thing is, that now, a year later, my college student kids don’t want to go back to regular frontal classes. They discovered that zoom isn’t that bad. They wouldn’t mind a hybrid type of schooling. Classes on campus for mainly socializing and workshops. Apparently, the education system is up for a big change!

The art world is changing, as I already said in my previous blog. We now have the opportunity to work in our studios/workshops wherever, whenever. We just have to abide by one rule; to have specific times a day for social media. Do-not let the cellphone/computer rule your time. Use the media and platforms available for research and help but limit social media telephone calls, chats and marketing to specific times when one has less creative-juice. I also suggest to find a part of the day for “ME-TIME”. Whether that is walking the dog, doing yoga, running, or sitting in the garden to catch some sun-rays, do it. It actually is a staff meeting with oneself. By the end of “ME-TIME” (about an hour) all thoughts are in order.

“Independence” – Digital painting – All rights reserved to Barbara Adler

Lesson #3: Find peace and quiet from within. Problems or challenges have options. Schedules are made. Inner-peace is crucial in being creative.


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