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LESSONS FROM COVID-19. Lesson #4: Priorities


My dogs were never so happy. Everyone was home. Always a lap to put their head on. Meals were delicious and on time. They were forever being walked. The restrictions on movement during lockdown made the dogs valuable. They were constantly outside with different family members. We went on fantastic stretches into nature.

“The pup” - Digital illustration based on photo – all rights reserved to Barbara Adler 2021

The world was so quiet. The air was so clean. We walked, ate clean and fresh, binged on Netflix and slept very sound. It was almost like we were on vacation but at home.

It was spring. Everything was blooming and full of color. I took so many pictures. I sat in my garden and drew still-lives. Something I hadn’t done since college. A relative of mine began reading poetry live on Facebook. I looked forward to hearing her read.

“Rede poppies” -Digital illustration based on photo – all rights reserved to Barbara Adler 2021

As I said previously, the family were at work and at school on zoom. I wasn’t working. I suddenly had all the time in the world. I could do whatever I liked. I walked, cooked, put the house in order, redid my kitchen and took up painting again. I lost anger and stress.

“Still-life in kitchen“ – Digital painting based on photo – all rights reserved to Barbara Adler 2021

Everything became a subject to draw and paint. I went according to feel. I began to experiment with various medias. Watercolors, digital art, real, surreal, abstract, memories, dreams, even I let the news touch me once in a while (a series on a baby whale that washed up dead on the shore after an oil spill).

“Whale-wail” – Acrylic on canvas – 220/110 cm – all rights reserved to Barbara Adler 2021

I questioned myself: How is it that up till now I couldn’t do my art? How is it that I thought that I didn’t have a say?

Life had plans that fit in well to my plans. Family, work and relationships. This needed time. I needed time. I needed to breathe. I needed a kick in the form of a pandemic to realize that those priorities were right at a certain time. Times have changed. The situation has changed. The most adaptable to change survive. My priorities had to change accordingly.

Lesson #4: Priorities - Perception, perspective and peace are the way to achieve priorities.

Take a walk with the dogs (even if you don’t have one). Dogs have at once a total sense of reality and completely miss reality at the same time. The best ideas come up when walking the dog. Perception, look at the bright side and enjoy the immediate. Perspective, step back, see the whole picture, then zoom in close to see what is up close. Peace, block all background sounds. Listen to your own breath, listen to your inner depths to hear the inner voice telling a story.

Lessons 1-3 are crucial in order to be ready for our own priorities. To put in order what is most important and best for us, to be content and fulfilled.


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