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POSITIVE THINKING #3. Color and my inner dialogue



Ever since I was a small child, a piece of paper and crayons could fill all the empty time and space in my life. I never felt alone or lonely the minute the papers and colors came out. I thought that everybody was like that. When I lifted my head from what I was doing and looked around me, I realized that wasn’t the case. At school, I found a few others like me and we all became friends, my first support group! We had a gift that others didn’t have. We won people over due to that gift. Everybody wanted a drawing of ours. It was easy and fun to make gift cards, pictures to hang in lockers or on bedroom walls. My gift empowered me, raised my self-esteem both in my eyes and the eyes of those around me. This super-power of mine enabled others to see that I was a bit more than a day-dreamer. I suddenly found myself in the alternative crowds at school. I was able to tell myself a visual story. Then, I could actually communicate with everyone else. I became special! Words are just one way to get a message across. Color and form are more direct. Hit you in the gut, capture your heart, tell you a story that is open to interpretation by all. What was magical in my eyes, was that I could tell a very personal story, with motifs that were a secret to me and at the same time universal. It was like poetry. We use and hide behind words, often failing with the semantics. With color and form everyone has a say and all is good. Only if a painting is extremely graphic then the meaning is less, if not totally, open to interpretation. The surreal and the abstract are wonderful as they play along with the color and form in keeping the artist reserved, clandestine and discreet and at the same time wide open to discussion.

“My grandparents” colored pencils and ink on Canson paper120 gm 35/50 cm @Barbara Adler 2020

What message did I get out of that? I was making myself happy by having a means to express myself. I was radiating that happiness to others with that byproduct of my happiness. My inner dialogue with myself was a story that I could tell with vibrant colors or in black and white, without having to reveal too much of myself, leaving enough room for another’s individual and unique interpretation without taking away from mine. Just like I said in my previous blog, WE ALL NEED ART.

Watercolor and ink on 250gm paper A-4 @Barbara Adler 2020

Look at my artwork. Tell what you like. Chat with me. Can I help with where and how it can be hung? Whatever suits you and your pocket. Remember: Originals or prints, it is ALL ART! See and follow more of my artwork on:

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