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Background Vs. Foreground When Using Color

I have always loved nature walks. Especially a seldom trodden dirt path with a wonderful view beyond. Each season brings its uniqueness. Summer with the dry, bare browns and ochre coloring the dirt and the vegetation. The sky a light blue. Winter, that turns the dry river beds into full blown rivers, the wet dirt becoming dark brown with shades of dark rich green all around. The sky, various shades and shapes of grays and blues. Autumn brings hope to the dry thirsty land. The dirt and vegetation a vast range of greens and browns. A mixture of summer and winter colors. The sky deep blue with white clouds floating by.

“Life” - Acrylic on Canvas, 70/50 cm @Barbara Adler Art 2021

Then there is spring. All the colors seem enhanced. Deep greens along iridescent greens. The dark brown of the dirt that is barely visible through the lush carpet of greens. The sky has all shades of blues and grays, changing throughout the day by the course of the winds. On the lush green carpet, the eye is suddenly drawn to spots of color that the wild flowers give. Reds and purples, pinks and yellows. Nothing overwhelming. All in proportion. As an artist, I am always amazed at how nature knows the exact amount of each color to make the look enticing. The most important lesson nature can teach is the relationship between each color on the vast palate of the careful not to overdo it. For the foreground to have meaning it must not be overbearing. Likewise for the background. Together the foreground and the background live in wonderful symbiosis. in art, we strive to achieve what nature does at its best: proportion.

“Preaortic Sea” - Acrylic on Canvas, 40/30cm @Barbara Adler Art 2021

Everybody needs art, especially in these crazy times. There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires and tastes. Take a break, reflect and delve into some of my art, to my stories.

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