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Season’s Greetings!

…and Happy Boxing Day!

First and foremost, for all of you celebrating Christmas, I wish you a wonderful, meaningful, full of fun and love Christmas. Same goes for anyone else around the universe celebrating a holiday, a birthday, an anniversary or just-happy-to-be-alive day!

As I wasn’t born on the British Isles, I had no idea that there was a day called “Boxing-Day” until I met up with my cousins from the other side of the pond. (My Granddaddy was a Scotsman). They simply explained that it was the first day that the shops open after Christmas (the 26th of December) and the first chance to exchange the given gifts for something more desirable or needy. It is also a bank holiday. Hence the name, “Boxing” as all brought things back to the shops still in their boxes.

"Acrogali" - watercolor and ink on paper

Well, I Googled it.

1. It has nothing to do with the sport of boxing.

2. Queen Victoria gave it its name in the 1800’s

3. It was traditionally a day the servants had off, when they received special gifts from their masters. The rich giving to the poor

4. The day has religious meaning as it is St. Stephan’s day in Ireland and in Catalonia Spain. St. Stephan was a martyr known for acts of charity.

5. In some European countries, boxing day is celebrated as the second day of Christmas

6. The church collects money from churchgoers that was handed out to the needy on boxing day

"Life" -Acrylic on canvas

If you feel that the present given or received was not completely desirable/appropriate/ correct/with enough intent (pick and choose as you seem fit), you still have the opportunity to buy something more suitable. Art is always the best option. Very personal yet also universal. Like receiving a visual poem. Give a meaningful piece of art as a present. It is unique, one of a kind. A never-ending story that can be seen and told again and again, giving individuality and meaning to space and time.

There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires and tastes. Flatter me! Contact me if you would like to personalize a special gift for a special someone. Nothing like a meaningful, personal painting or drawing as a gift.

All the works on this blog are Printable and for sale. They are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art and almost any subject related, so feel free to DM to converse and purchase my art, making it yours.

You can follow my process and progress on:


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