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Gratitude, gifts, and gifting

When I was an infant, I had violet-colored eyes. People would stop my mother on the street and tell her that I had the same color eyes as Elizabeth Taylor. People would comment on how beautiful I was. I was very bashful and nearly died of embarrassment. As I grew older, I realized that my blue dreamy eyes and open smile were huge assets to me. It opened doors and hearts and allowed for people to listen to me. They were a gift handed down to me by my forefathers and foremothers long before I came into existence, something that I too have passed forward to my children and future generations. That is as far as looks go, but I was also gifted with the gift of art. As long as I can remember, painting and drawing were my favorite pass time and means of expression. That said, I don’t believe in talent. Talent is like potential: it’s there until it’s not. If one takes those gifts for granted, they will disperse into thin air. Ask any professional athlete. They will tell you that their gift needs to be worked on. Practice. Exercise. Work.

I am grateful for these gifts. They have made me into who I am today. Those eyes and smile, most likely are the things that brought attention to me by my husband. They allowed me a profession as a teacher. My art defined my character, love of nature and all things beautiful. The gift of art has allowed me to retreat into myself in order to make order within, create and then share.

“Don’t look a gift horse in its mouth” was the saying when I was a youngster. I, of course, took it literally. I could actually picture myself like a dentist, sticking my head into the horse’s wide-open mouth. Now, why would I want to do that? I thought to myself. Well, it turns out that you can see if the horse is healthy by its teeth. In other words: the gift may not be perfect, but don’t complain as it is a gift. Be grateful. Show gratitude. Appreciate. Besides my blue eyes and my smile, art made me special. It has colored my life. I hope to color yours.

“Pomegranates” - Digital Illustration. Printable (DM for details) @Barbara Adler Art Oct.2021

As we approach the holiday season, I imagine that we all are counting our blessings, noticing the gifts within and around us. Original art is from the heart. On the wall, it allows for a never-ending gift. Imagine a box of chocolates that never ends. That is what art does on a wall in a given space. Gifting one with art is very special. In my eyes, more than jewelry. Every time when passing by the painting, one remembers that special moment when it was given.

As an artist, I wish to share with you that special moment. As I said; art is from the heart.

“Between the Sea and the Park” – Glass Print, 19/14/2cm 1.25kg@Barbara Adler Art Oct.2021

Everybody needs art. There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires and tastes. Take a break, reflect and delve into some of my art, to my stories.

All the works on this blog are for sale and are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art, so feel free to DM/contact me regarding my art and possibly making it yours.

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