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The Randomicity of Creativity

Engineers Vs. Artists

During my third year of college, I made a homage to David Hockney. Based on one of his pool paintings from the 60’s, I built out of slabs of clay a three-dimensional piece trying to be as accurate as I could all the way down to the sandals on the side of the pool and the coloring. For water I put a sheet of glass. All that was left was to fire the piece. There was barely room in the kiln so input the piece on an angle. Well, what do you know? When I opened the kiln, to my great dismay, the “water”/ glass “climbed up the stairs out of the pool. The evaluation was about to begin (yes, I cut it a bit close) so with tears in my eyes, I placed the piece on the table for all to see my fabulous failure. They LOVED the piece! The twist of the water climbing the stairs made the project interesting.

“From Park to Sea” – Acrylic on Stretched Italian Canvas, 200cm/120cm

Randomicity is very important to the artistic dialogue. Under condition that it doesn’t rule the dialogue. There must be a plan, a vision, but at each step the artist must question and check what each mark, movement or material does to the idea. What happens during the interaction and how we feel about it.

Engineers draw up a plan based on ideas. They stick to the plan, knowing from the start the final outcome. No room for chance. Artists start out with a plan, but make room for ‘happenings”. The artist may have a vision when he starts out, but has no idea what will be the end product.

Working on the Base of the Installation “From the Mountain to the Sea and Sky” - Trial and Error

I love this form of dialogue. It is pure freedom.

Stay tuned, as I will display works from the exhibit. If you see something you like, TELL ME! Maybe we can make it yours.

Everybody needs art. There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires and tastes. Flatter me! Contact me if you would like to personalize a special occasion. Nothing like a meaningful, personal painting or drawing as a gift.

All the works on this blog are Printable and for sale. They are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art and almost any subject related, so feel free to DM to converse and purchase my art, making it yours.

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