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Thoughts on Dante, Life and Art

Thoughts on Dante, Life and Art

“…In the Dark Woods, the Straight Way was Lost”

We are way-into HOLIDAY-SEASON, just days away from the high-light of the year. Thoughts about those near and far pop to mind. Thoughts on achievements and accomplishments from the past year bring us to a sum-up with ideas for the coming new year’s resolutions. Often, paths taken brought us to places we did not intend to be. Some for the better, some for less.

Let’s talk about the paths less intended. A little over 2 months ago I had my grand opening at our lovely community gallery. For a year I worked on the collaboration with Linda. For a year I planned a pursued my artwork for the exhibit. Opening night was all I planned for and expected. The following morning was just the opposite. Our beloved 18-year-old dog, who was with us since he was four months old was extremely ill. After five days of trying to heal him, to no avail, we had to say our goodbyes. Distraught is an understatement to our feelings. A week or so later, I developed a stomach illness that was related to my poor dog’s illness. I was sick for almost a month.

"In Memory" - Digital illustration @All Rights Reserved Barbara Adler Art 2022

At the end of this month, our exhibit ends. To say that I took full advantage of the show, NO! There have been quite a few gallery-talks and workshops, but nothing close to what I was hoping for. I just wasn’t available. We make plans and then life happens. Feeling slightly disappointed with the whole situation, along came a “shout-out” to partake in a collage exhibit. Now I am not crazy over collage, but I do know that any technique can be an excuse to exercise and to get going. I started a collage on my beloved dog. At the same time, I began a totally different collage taken from black and white printed photos I took from various places that I visited. It developed into a piece that I originally called "Missing Dante”. I couldn’t help but think of Dante’s “Inferno”. The more I worked on the piece the more certain sayings from the “Inferno” came to mind.

“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within dark woods…where the straightway was lost.” Such was my feeling. This collage became of major importance for me and represented my state of mind much better than the collage about my dog. Stay true to oneself. Stay true to that emotion or state of mind.

The holidays are here. Stay true to yourself when picking out the gift for that special person. Make it meaningful. Make it with intent. Buy a piece of artwork. Nothing could be more meaningful.

"...The Straight Way Was Lost" - Collage, mixed media, acrylic, wood, led lights 75cm x 55cm

As we enter the holiday season, give a meaningful piece of art as a present. It is as a snowflake, one of a kind. A never-ending story that can be seen and told again and again, giving individuality and meaning to space and time.

There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires and tastes. Flatter me! Contact me if you would like to personalize a special gift for a special someone. Nothing like a meaningful, personal painting or drawing as a gift.

All the works on this blog are Printable and for sale. They are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art and almost any subject related, so feel free to DM to converse and purchase my art, making it yours.

You can follow my process and progress on:


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