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What’s Up Next?

New Objectives, New Studio

Assuming that you have read my previous blog, you know that I am on a crossroad. After setting a goal over a year ago, the collaboration and show with Linda was a great success. Now though, I am feeling a bit empty. I knew that this is route-de-course, so already at the last stages of preparation for the exhibit, I mapped out a few roads to be taken in the near future.

The first, which I will mostly relate to today, is my studio space; with the on start of the Corona lockdowns, I started very modestly on the sofa, with sketch pad propped up on my lap and colored pencils strewn on the sofa around me. I graduated to a corner in my living room. A second-hand drawing table and a stand-up table with surrounding selves full of various types of paints, markers and pencils. I was quite happy to hear and feel the vibes of the house as I worked. At the time, 2 of my children still lived at home, the hubby was working upstairs in the office from home and the 2 dogs wandered all day between us all, enjoying a full house.

My messy studio corner

During the summer I moved the studio into the garden. It was romantic at first, but eventually became quite inconvenient. As the collaboration with Linda evolved, my working began to overtake the living room. My living room began to look like a storage room! The children moved out, the hubby went back to the office and one of my beloved pups, passed away.

Working in the garden

AND, I am feeling bolder, needing a larger, better organized working space. Our downstairs has been functioning as a storage room. That will be moved into the garage, allowing me to turn that area into an “art-storage/gallery/sitting area” with another room, that is currently my son’s music room, that will be turned into a full blown “wet” studio at a later date.

Decluttering is challenging and releasing at once. It is a journey. Like all journeys it needs to be planned and cut to-fit time wise. The first stage is to divide the storage room into sections. Then to decide on the amount of time each day given to clearing. One also needs boxes. Lots of boxes. It will take a few weeks, but it will be done.

My other objectives are to meet up with a curator and decide with her about my next exhibit, to paint a new large painting and last but not least, to continue to explore the involvement of elements into my artwork.

Stay tuned.

If you are in my “neighborhood” anywhere till the end of December, contact me. I’d love to show you the exhibit personally. If you see something you like, TELL ME! Maybe we can make it yours.

Everybody needs art. There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires and tastes. Flatter me! Contact me if you would like to personalize a special occasion. Nothing like a meaningful, personal painting or drawing as a gift.

All the works on this blog are Printable and for sale. They are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art and almost any subject related, so feel free to DM to converse and purchase my art, making it yours.

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