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*Please do not press the cart button. send me an email


Based on my style, we can design room dividers, murals, stain glass windows, We are also open to your ideas.


* We can, at B.A.ART. print any of the paintings appearing on this site upon various material (canvas, wallpaper, glass, wood) fit to the desired size for any room. room dividers, murals stainless, etc.


* We can also custom design based on B.A.ART style a more personalized painting that can be also turned into a print as mention above.


We use the best of materials both in print and original.


The process is in 3 easy steps:

1. Contact me by email with a short description of your request

2. We will schedule a call\zoom session that we will discuss all that is required and the price.

3. Preparation of the artwork and shipping.


* The price is in accordance with the request.


Custom Made

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