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Color is Life

Turning on the light in a dark room enables a happening; from "nothing" to "being".  Lines, forms, and images are the excuse to define color.

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About me

For as long as I can remember color, lines, images, paints and pencils interested me most.

The anticipation and excitement of new paints and pencils, a fresh canvas or “fancy- paper” to draw upon continue to excite me to this as when I was a young child.

As an only child, slightly introverted, drawing and painting were my main comfort.  Anxiously awaiting for that time of day that I could with what I most understood; lines, form and color. Understanding the visual language of art better than the spoken language or the language of actions that I often found confusing.

Art lessons in primary school and later in art school were my empowerment. Enabling me a profession and a life of content and dialogue.

I always found comfort and understanding of situations through art. Artist and their works incited my imagination through their visual stories and various techniques. The stories seemed never-ending, never tiring of re-visits.

As a “Bezalel” graduate (B.F.A.), I eventually became more comfortable with words and actions. I continued my studies in “Thought and Art” (M.A.).

I believe everyone has a unique visual story to tell. 

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