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NFT’S Yay or Nay

“Fish-Eye is the third digital illustration based on an original painting of mine by the same name. My love of the sea, metaphors, icons and stories related to the sea are a constant source for my artwork. As I have previously discussed in the two previous blogs, I became somewhat infatuated with the digital interpretations to my works. “Fish-Eye” is another example. As I felt freer within the digital media, questions of how to continue raised both creatively and ways to display. NFT kept popping up, as digital artwork is easily transferable and mint-able. I do have an “Open Sea’s” account and I do display there. I have lately been approached by numerous scammers (mainly on Instagram) trying either to steal artworks or money. To say that I feel comfortable in the crypto world would be untrue. I am extremely uncomfortable. I do think that there is a future in this form of representation and display, but not in its current fashion. I truly believe that there must be a connection between the virtual and the real. I am not fond of these two parallel forms. Just as my tool box grew by adding the digital options, so should this form of display. It needs to be safe and profitable for all involved.

All the works on this blog are Printable and for sale. They are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art and almost any subject related, so feel free to DM to converse and purchase my art, making it yours.

You can follow my process and progress on:


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