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Lessons in ART #4. Art and the Heart

Art and the Heart

I am not one that responds well to any form of criticism. I do have a tendency to take to heart. My first assessments at art school were spent fiercely defending myself and my artwork even though both were rightly criticized. I soon learned that there were different forms of criticism. Some were a “settling of accounts” almost mafia-style, “you-don’t-like-my work-I-don’t-like-your-work” same as “follow-me-and-I-will-follow-you” on social media today. Some were to belittle me, playing with my fragile self-confidence, working on my imposter syndrome, coming from total jealousy. Others were those that just don’t have a way with words. They meant well but sure hurt like hell, like pouring alcohol on an infected sore. Then there were those, far and few, that actually remarked on the specific issues at hand accentuating the strong positive side of the work and suggesting practical ways to overcome the flaws of the work.

By, becoming a professional artist, one develops a “kit” to deal with criticism. I am still not crazy over comments such as, “that’s ugly” or “I would do that differently” (so why don’t you?!). I realize that they are said with bad taste and manners. As for the jealous crowd, I totally ignore them. Now, there are those that really do not like my style. That is totally ok. There are so many forms of art, artists and styles that I am sure that they will find the art suited for them. When working on a piece, I will ask my support group, that I hand-picked and know that my best interest is at their heart, what they think. It helps me with the direction of the piece. We often develop deep conversations about the piece or an off-shoot, free-associating, that often contributes to the art process, progress and work. Once the artwork is done and ready for “the public”, I slowly back away from the piece. The artwork begins to have a life of its own.

What people think, is between them and the piece. It is like having a child. When the child is small, we protect the child from harm. Once the child has grown, they are on their own. We can feel sympathy and empathy, but the grown child and artwork for that matter, are on their own. I love the way a buyer will see and read into the artwork, different from me, adding even more meaning to the artwork. I love it when they send me photos of the special place where they hung the piece, sharing and showing me the artwork's new home.

I still get insulted if one makes a comment about me and my looks, but I no longer get insulted or hurt when talking about my art.

“Acrogali” (from series) - Printable Digital Interpretation to Painting by Same Name @Barbara Adler Art 2021

There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires, and tastes. Take a break, reflect and delve into some of my art, to my stories.

All the works on this blog are for sale and are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art, so feel free to DM/contact me regarding my art and possibly making it yours.

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