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POSITIVE THINKING #2. Optimism and peace of mind


Art conveys optimism and peace of mind. Art draws us into parallel zones of Time-Space, into our imagination and dreams. Without leaving reality at all. It allows to daydream, to recoup, to be refreshed. The availability of art is to all. Everybody buys art: whether it is a hand-blown glass vase given as a present to a very special aunt, a piece of pottery, an original painting, a lithograph, or print signed by the artist.

We need art. Not just for its aesthetic value but for nurturing our souls. Artworks remind us that our lives are not just about material things. It allows for that momentary break that reminds of the good in our lives. A hung artwork is like freezing a moment in time. That moment can be an actual place or person (as in figurative painting) or it can be a dream, a thought, a fantasy, a fractal of images woven together that tell a story (as in abstract or surreal art). A story that can be told again and again. When one is not delving into the artwork, it has its given aesthetic value contributing to the space around it and making that space special.

“Acrogali” – watercolor and ink on Fabiano 250 gm paper @Barbara Adler 2021

Let’s talk about the difference between an ORIGINAL vs. a PRINT. Owning an original art piece is understandable, but may not fit everybody’s pocket. A print signed by the artist is a fantastic option without breaking the bank. As the ink is absorbed into the canvas, the colors may show less vibrant than the original. The difference is not great. There is a way to bring forth the color. A print on high-quality paper like Belgian linen paper comes out exactly like the original.

“A day at the beach” – Colored Pencils and Ink on cotton paper120 gm, A-4, @Barbara Adler 2021

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