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The Museum

The Cultural Temple of Our Times

First, a full disclosure; I both love and hate museums and galleries concurrently. I love the starkness of the museum and gallery. It allows for the artwork to be appreciated in pure form with no disturbances. For that same reason, I hate them. I cannot touch/ feel the artwork physically. Often, one receives a rather presumptuous feeling at the galleries, not very inviting, that causes the layman to feel that art is for a very select group. It is not. Art is for all.

“Garden” – Alcohol and Acrylic Markers on B&W Print of Original Drawing on Paper, A-3 @Barbara Adler Art – Dec.2021

Visiting the museum, especially a retrospective is an exciting moment. A museum is one of today’s contemporary cultural temples. We prepare for it. Buying tickets in advance, making sure that we have a “green-pass”, a show of good health. We arrive prior to the designated time of entry, clean, casually but neatly dressed. We leave our baggage in the cloakroom, our cellphones are muted, but the camera works overtime, documenting our every step at the exhibit, proof of our ‘holiness’ and of the experience.

The museum has an extremely important cultural and educational role in today’s society. Its role is to document, explain, display and mirror the visual stories of culture and society as told in art form by artists to all of the members of society be it professional or layman, open and available to all. It has no economic value per se, as it is not the platform to sell artwork. With that said, once displayed in a museum the value of the artist and their works will skyrocket, proof of that artist's importance to culture and society. In the Art Galleries in comparison, the whole objective is financial. Both for themselves and for the artists. Often the Galleries will mimic the museum and its purpose, proving not necessarily beneficial to them or the artist.

“From The Park to The Sea #2” – B&W Digital Illustration @Barbara Adler Art – Dec.2021 (Prep for Canvas)

With all that said, I encourage you to visit museums and art galleries. Art is an extremely important mirror/reflection of society. It allows for a non-verbal, intuitive dialogue. I am also encouraged to enjoy and purchase art online. The artists will very much appreciate eliminating the middleman, by having a very direct dialogue with their audience.

Everybody needs art. There is Art for everyone’s state of mind, desires, and tastes. Take a break, reflect and delve into some of my art, to my stories.

All the works on this blog are for sale and are Barbara Adler originals. I love talking about my art, so feel free to DM/contact me regarding my art and possibly make it yours.

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